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Manufacturer: Suzuki

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The Airwave Harmonica by Suzuki has a sleek modern design that is easy to hold and easy to play. There are no metal screws on the outside of the instrument like traditional harmonicas. And the holes you blow into to make the notes are spaced widely apart so that anyone can play it the very first time they try! Made from high quality unbreakable resin and pro quality reeds, you'll be jammin in no time. It's fun for all ages! Includes a full color instruction booklet with access to on line demos and lessons. The new Airwave Harmonica by Suzuki. Music...From the Harp!

Product Code: AW-1

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Never Too Early To Start 'Em!

A Suzuki rep at SPAH 2016 got me enthused about the Airwave. Kids as young as 3 can play this fun harp. I've purchased two. The first as a birthday gift for my grandson, and then another to keep at our house for when he visits. (Each purchased from Rockin' Ron.) At 3-1/2 he's having a ball blowing and drawing, and really lights up when I pull out one of my harmonicas and play along with him. This is one great product, at a nice low price. Durable, easily playable, and fun! As the next grandchildren approach 3, I'll be buying more of them. (Good thing that they come in three colors.) Buy a bunch of 'em, find a kid somewhere, and spread harmonica love to the next generation.

Rob Sawyer :: 08 Oct 2017, 20:51

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