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Seydel Session / Session Steel Reed Plate Includes Free USA shipping


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Manufacturer: Seydel

Product Information

For SESSION type combs only (recessed reedplates),keys: LC-F with stainless steel reeds
F#-HA with brass reeds
Set of spare reedplates with Stainless Steel (LC to F - all tuning variants)) or with brass reeds (F# to HA - Richter tuning only)
Please note: We (Seydel) currently only stock the SESSION STEEL in Standard Richter.All other tuning variants and valves will take USA customers 2-3 weeks more.
  • German Silver reedplates
  • Fine cut reedslots
  • Stainless Steel rivets
  • Many tuning variants: Richter, Paddy, Country, Melodic Maker, Cirkular/Melody King, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, PT-Gazell half-valved)
Please note: For SESSION type combs only (reedplates do not fit for Solist Pro or 1847 models)!
The reed offset is pre-adjusted; some reeds may require a fine-adjustment (>Setting-up the reed offset).
Fits for SESSION STEEL and SESSION Standard. This info is taken from the Seydel USA site. TO MAKE IT REAL CLEAR. Seydel does not offer BRASS reed replacement reed plates. They offer Stainless Steel reed replacement reed plates that will accomodate both models. When you need to replace your Session Blues Standard harps reed plates it will then become a Session Steel with a black comb.
Half or full valving are options. It could take 2-3 weeks and will be shipped via Seydel USA.
Seydel does not send screws with the reed plates. You can order the screwshere

Set of spare reedplates with Stainless Steel (LC - F)) or with brass reeds (F# - HA)
For SESSION type combs only!

The reed offset is pre-adjusted; some reeds may require a fine-adjustment
New tunings added. Wait time can be 2-3 weeks on the special tunings.

Product Code: 103011000

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