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Valves Set of valves for half- or full valving (Blues series, PT Gazell method) Free USA Shipping


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Manufacturer: Seydel

Product Information

Set of valves for half- or full valving
Valves for self-installation - suited for all models from the Blues-series (10 hole models); 3 valves for each length (30 pcs.) You get the original valves that we use for the optional available Half-valved instruments!
Valves minimize air loss when playing blow or draw notes. If both reeds of a corresponding reed pair are equipped with valves, the possibilities of bending the notes is very limited. If a valve is only closing the lower tuned reed of the pair then bending notes remains possible.
On a fully valved harmonica air-loss is minimized, bendability is restricted very much. The valve set provided is suited for one full-valved instrument (+ set of spare valves) or three half-valved instruments.
On half-valved instruments the valves(=windsavers) must be attached onto the draw plate of 1-6 (the valve is situated on the inside of hole) and onto the blow plate of 7-10 (valve is situated on outside of upper plate then). This leads to better air-tightness of the instrument - bending notes are still playable, whereas overbendings can not be played anymore. Please use very little amounts of a suited glue - if you use superglue (gel) please let it dry out 100% as the solvent used in these glues are harmful.
If you need glue for the valves, order fromhere

Product Code: x1000h

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Valves, you can do this

I valved 3 of my harps so far. It wasn't hard using these valves. I used the Seydel valve glue and had no trouble. I found that even if you miss placing a valve perfectly you can remove it easily and re-use the valve to correct any mistakes. I would have given these a fifth star if they had included instructions.

Steve Skinner :: 04 Sep 2017, 23:59

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