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Manufacturer: Seydel

Product Information

Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes, 48 Stainless Steel reeds and orange-tinted acrylic comb and halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece
Seydel has been sending these in both Silver and Black boxes. Just FYI.
The Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL is the 'little sister' of our top model, the SAXONY Chromatic and is equipped with SEYDEL's unique Stainless Steel reeds. The half-moon shaped silver-plated mouthpiece is designed from the scratch and provides excellent sliding properties.
The Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL is characterized by a brilliant and full sound through all registers and a fantastic tone response, achieved by an extreme airtight and solid construction. The use of anti-corrosive materials for all parts is guaranteeing a long service life and high relieability. Besides in the standard key C/C# the Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL is available in many other useful keys.
  • rich, full sound and fast reed response of the 48 Stainless Steel reeds: High durability and tuning stability even with heavy duty playing
  • Solo tuning: 12 holes correspond to three full octaves, equal temperament, A4 = 443 Hz
  • galvanically silver-plated mouthpiece with round openings and a halfmoon-shaped cross-section for better haptic properties and the excellent sliding features of a high-end model • smoothly and quiet working slider for sensitive and fast playing
  • reliable valving - approved valve material from the SAXONY Chromatic
  • less airloss due to optimized tolerances and flatness of the German Silver reedplates
  • robust and corrosion-free covers made of Stainless Steel
  • high-end CNC milled acrylic comb with ideal air-flow properties in a half-transparent orange finish
  • many different keys available: LE, LF, G, A, Bb, C, D and C-Orchestra tuning
  • the tonal layout of the Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL can be fully configurated in the 'Harp-Configurator' available on the SEYDEL webpage: Special tunings of any kind can be produced individually and the concert pitch frequency can be altered if needed.

Product Code: 54480

Customer Reviews

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Seydel is the finest manufacturer in its price range. This model is superb...rounded mouthpiece extremely comfortable to play, short throw slide is fast, takes less breath to play, sound is superb. Will be using in my upcoming Ted Talks tv show on chromatic...great harp...great firm. Buy from RockinRonsMusic

David Kettlewell :: 13 Jun 2016, 20:26

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