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Hot Rod Your Harmonica by Richard Sleigh 2 DVDs + Book Free USA Shipping


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A series of 19 videos on 2 DVDs that cover Tuning, reed adjusting and fine tuning, reed replacement, a very detailed series of videos on embossing slots, and tools of the trade. Many close up shots that take the mystery out of what you need to do to make high end customized harmonicas and maintain them. Includes a book that has more resources and notes on the videos.

Product Code: RICIG3N040

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Richard Sleigh Hot Rod DVD

Hello Richard, > I purchased your tools and DVDs some months ago and they were life changers. Twenty some years worth of derelict harmonicas are now back in action and sporting some various tunings and such. I play and or practice way more now knowing I can fix or adjust any quirks that tend to suddenly appear. Thanks for your generosity in revealing your hard earned secrets. >> Thanks! >> Dale Worstall > Bristol, PA

Anonymous :: 29 Apr 2016, 16:17

Richard Sleigh Hot Rod DVD

Hi Richard- Your videos have helped me immensely. I now play almost exclusively harps I’ve used your techniques on. These harps are incredible – I can sustain bends & overbends now that were almost impossible before… -I also did a friend a favor who had some harps with bad reeds & other problems. I applied your techniques to 8 of them total and below is a text he sent me: “Mark… Played a gig with reworked harps. I am amazed bro. Played like butter. Notes that use to take some effort came so easy! Took me to a new level. Heard myself playing new things tonight.” I really do hope some day to learn firsthand from you.” – Mark Vesser, St. Louis

Mark Vesser :: 28 Apr 2016, 07:58

Richard Sleigh Hot Rod DVD

Hey Richard, I finally did myself the favor of ordering your Hot Rod Harmonica video series; I should have bought these last year… To me, your videos are the single best source of material I've found describing and demonstrating how to do reed work in a predictable, repeatable way that also has good enough lighting and camera angles to illustrate your point. I spend most of my time now concentrating on getting my blow and draw reeds set for improved dynamic range and response. I'm just sitting here with an MS series harp and WOW what a difference I've already made in 30 minutes on holes 1,2,4, and 5 just from getting better shaping. I'm really impressed. Thanks, man! Dan Ridgeway Beverly, MA

Dan Ridgeway :: 28 Apr 2016, 07:57

Richard Sleigh Hot Rod DVD

Wow, Richard, thanks so much for making those videos. I was ready to give up harp and focus on guitar because of the tedium of tuning and maintaining them. You streamlined everything so much! Everything explained so perfectly! I will actually enjoy working on my harmonicas- 38 plus some chrom's. Looking forward to playing my hot rodded harmonicas. Also ordered your tool kit from Ron in SD. Can't wait to get my set dialed. Again, thanks so much!!! John Ziegler Paso Robles, CA

John Ziegler :: 28 Apr 2016, 07:55

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