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EastTop Blues Pro with Riveted Reeds T008K includes Free USA Shipping


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4.9 average, based on 7 reviews

Manufacturer: EastTop

Product Information

There is no warranty on these folks. You might need to gap or tune to make a really nice affordable harp.
Available in 12 standard keys plus Low F.
Our USA suppler is DannyG from If we don't have a certain key in stock Danny will ship for us. Ususally orders from our store or Danny will arrive to you with 3 or 4 business days.

Product Code: ET008K

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Customer Reviews

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One harp great the other good..

I purchased two T008K one in G one in E. They arrived in two days and were nicely packed. The E harp is a high well tuned harmonica. The highest notes are not shrill like I was expecting but are very pleasant. The G harp sounds good but the 5 blow was significantly flat. I have never needed to tune a reed so I gave it a try. I actually have almost got it up to pitch with some gentle filing. Time will tell how they hold up compared to my Seydels and Lee Oskar.

Matt Y :: 17 Jan 2019, 19:14

Two thumbs up!

I've been playing harmonica for 30 years and my initial impression of this Eb Easttop is excellent. The only thing I don't like is the painted cover plates.

David Pearce :: 11 Apr 2018, 19:01


First, I would like to comment how awesome it was to do business with Ron. This guy is very professional and anyone looking for a spot to purchase harps at a great price should order here. The shipment of my harmonicas was very quick. Secondly, I want to comment how pleased I am with EastTop. As soon as I began playing one, I already noticed how solid this harmonica is. How great the tone is. How great it is to bend the notes. EastTop is a company not to waver away from, buy yourself a harp, or more like I did, and check them out. You won't be disappointed!

Brick Marlin :: 18 Jan 2018, 03:41

Great reasonably priced harp

Got a couple to test, got more on order now. Seem easy to play, not much wind, seem airtight and loud - with the side vents. Remind me in playability a lot of my early blues harps (with nails) before the MS system. Nice tone, going for a whole set soon.

Barri :: 09 Jan 2018, 19:47

Best harmonica deal

Super harmonicas at a super price with super quick service from Ron. Great tone, air tight, responsive harmonica. You just can't beat it.

Sarge :: 02 Jan 2018, 07:35

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